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The wonderful 4th of May, the 2nd HATS&HORSES Menorca edition.

Posted on May 07 2019


hats and horses menorca

In its 2nd edition, Hats & Horses Menorca has managed to be a reference event combining traditional elements of the island such as horses and racing and the fun and relaxed atmosphere of English events such as Ascot.

Hats & Horses refilled the hippodrome of hats and elegant attendees thanks to a dress code and eager to have fun.

With Turismo de Menorca as its main sponsor, Hats & Horses is showing the best corners of Menorca and unique characteristics as a tourist destination that position it as a "must go" in a medium-high segment interested in culture, diversity, and sustainability. These adjectives do not neglect at any time the taste for the best dress, good footwear and a style that year after year, this event is taking by itself, differentiating itself from other famous international races.
Turismo de Menorca

Nuria Roca and her husband, Juan de Val attended the event for the 2nd year, as well as Espido Freire. María Leon, Enrique Solís and Carla Royo - Villanova with her husband, Kubrat from Bulgaria enjoyed their first edition and promise to repeat.

In addition to relevant press that could discover corners of the island along with the organization of the event.

Thanks to their collaboration, as Nuria Roca affirms, this event has already been announced outside the island and she predicts many years of life at this event.

 Espido Freire

Maria de Leon

Enrique Solís y Alejandra Dominguez

Carla Royo-Villanova

Hats & Horses aims to make a difference, give the prominence that horses deserve and professionalize, year after year, the equestrian offer, as well as give prominence to local brands both footwear (Mascaró, Pons Quintana, Pretty Ballerinas, ...) and clothing (stores like Riccy, for example), brands of hats such as MENORCA FLOWER, hairdressers like Princep Stil, makeup artists like Roisso ... helped to achieve elegant looks and perfect styling.


Protagonism that also wants to share with all the rest of the local offer: cheeses, wines, beer, typical dishes, ...

Quality, good taste, and distinction.

The elegant fun, enjoy the outdoors and the races ... this year, in addition to horses, attendees have been able to see up close and ride in different classic cars that have delighted many motor enthusiasts.

classic cars

All this was possible thanks to the initiative of Ariadna Vilalta -owner of the agency Driven Associates-, Turismo de Menorca and the support of many collaborators (Torre del Ram racecourse and its president, Biel Olivar, Riccy, Adolfo personal shopper , David Bell, Technographic, S'Algar Catering, Pons Quintana, Melià Cala Galdana, Resort Lake, Origens Garden, ...)

Ariadna Vilalta and David Bell

They sponsored the 6 races Pons Morales, Holiday Menorca, Bonnin Sanso, Hipodromo Torre del Ram, Coca-Cola, and Estrella Damm.

The races winners were:
1st by Pons Morales  for Goliat de Clide.   Entregado por Carla Royo-Villanova                    
2nd by Holidays Menorca for  Vif Ocean.    Entregado por Nuria Roca        
3rd by Bonnin Sanso for Airelle Fleurie.    Entregado por Espido Freire  
4th by Coca_Cola for Calitja Sr.                 Entregado por Maria Leon
5th by Real sociedad for Volcano de Blain.   Entregado por Enrique Solís            6th by Estrella Damm for Trebol.               

The awards for the best looks were decided by an Independent jury (Roberto Sánchez, Elvira Pla, Rosanna Rezusta, Adolfo, Kilombo Vintage) and the winners were Enrique Solís as best dressed, Beatriz Tajuelo as the best dressed and the prize for the best couple was took nephew and aunt: Santi Pons Quintana and Magda Pons Quintana.


Live music, exquisite food with clear Minorcan winks, 6 races with important participating horses, one of them, was fired at the event after years of professional life and a high amount of winnings in prizes


A market full of unique products such as the local hats brand MENORCA FLOWER, the Caravaqueña MONTESINOS VILAR, sunglasses, the delicious desserts of Estela, the products of alpaca TUNKI, Go Clothed hats, ...

A day in the races that was accompanied by a pleasant sun and some wind that was appreciated at noon and that amused all his assistants until after 7 pm.

The organization, already thinking in the 3rd edition, happy to have achieved that Hats & Horses has its own seal and that Menorca enjoys, finally, better connections, connectivity and offer in a few months ideal to visit this beautiful island.

 Beatriz Tajuelo at the entrance of the Hippodrome Torre del Ram

After a previous rainy day, on Saturday, May 4th, it was windy but sunny, so that, at noon, it would look perfect to enjoy a day at the races.
Hats & Horses returned to reconvert the Hippodrome in a different space and dressed for the occasion, as they dressed for the occasion the attendees to this unmissable event for lovers of horses and the diffusion of Menorcan personality and diversity.

Men and women displayed elegant, original and colorful looks following the essential Dress Code of the event.

From left to right, Enrique Solís, image consultant Roberto Sánchez and Luís del Riego.

Espido Freire (left) with a colorful and spring look from the firm Dresseos and Elvira Pla (right), both with appropriate hats ideal to cover the sun that looked on Saturday in Menorca.

Espido Freire (dressed as Dresseos) and Ariadna Vilalta (with a tailcoat made by Cati Carreras Atelier and hat by Montesinos Vilar)

María León, always elegant, knew how to combine the Menorquin touch with English glamor, impeccable with her suede dress in lilac tones and a perfect hat for her outfit and a perfect belt and earrings gave the final touch to her styling.


Carla Royo - Villanova never disappoints!
With an original dress in red tones and pink details, she wore a vintage cape by Duyos and a perfect headdress by Montesinos Vilar.
(photos by Carla by Esperanza Kahle)

Nuria Roca and Juan de Val were among the most acclaimed couples of the event.
Always smiling, kind and close, they wore hats and looks with their own style

David Bell, the creator of the well-known firm Pretty Ballerinas and Ariadna Vilalta, organizer of the event, chose to empower and encourage male attendees to wear, in the next edition, top hats and elegant suits for the occasion.

A nod to the masculine looks that, in the case of David was 100% Made in England and in the case of Ariadna, his suit was made to measure in the local atelier of Cati Carreras and the hat, original and exclusive, made by the artisan and affectionate Inés, by Montesinos Vilar.

The footwear, with it is fuchsia sole matching the jacket, showed the signature Úrsula Mascaró.


David Bell and David Bell Mascaró, elegant in his black suit, and Ariadna Vilalta with hat detail created by Montesinos Vilar with original geometric shapes.
The event featured communication professionals such as Mercedes Urrea (Hello), Rosanna Rezusta (Week), footwear designer Úrsula Mascaró and María Leon.


The awards for the best looks were decided by an Independent jury (Roberto Sánchez, Elvira Pla, Rosanna Rezusta, Adolfo, Kilombo Vintage) and the winners were Enrique Solís as best dressed, Beatriz Tajuelo as the best dressed and the prize for the best couple was took nephew and aunt: Santi Pons Quintana and Magda Pons Quintana.
Enrique Solís with FARMERS&CO product

THANK YOU FAMILY, FRIENDS and all of you who where there in many ways...


(pics Rawfilms)

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