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Posted on March 19 2018

It is an event that will be held in Menorca on Saturday, May 12, 2018, during which there will be horse races, gastronomy and many elegant people.
Already ... Do you remember Ascot?
Well, something similar but in a smaller dimension and in a better location, because Can you think of a better place to enjoy a sunny May day than Menorca?
In addition, those of us from Madrid are in luck because that weekend there is a bank holiday in Madrid, and more than one of us are going to stay for a few days to enjoy the island.
hats and horses invitación


Flight, accommodation and travel

You can go on your own and simply buy the entrance tickets or if you prefer to go with everything organized, there are several travel agencies that take care of everything for you so that your only concern is to enjoy the trip.

Well .. and choose an elegant look .. but we'll talk about this later.

In addition, those who follow us or who are our clients for years will not have a bigger problem and I hope that you are one of the winners of the best look.

Well, in this email

you can see the different options of travel packages that exist: 

Airplane + entrance ticket to Hats & Horses

Airplane + ticket + hotel

Plane + ticket + hotel + trips

To all the above options you can add as an extra, several excursions to wonderful sites on the island (visit to factory of abarcas, horseback route, go sailing, ...) 

Of course we, for once we have decided to escape and leave everything on standby until the return, we plan to go to all the places that give us time and the photos will witness it

Dress code

 This is the section that we like the most ... Is there a dress code? 

Yes, but being the first edition of this event the requirements are minimal and will not entail greater effort for all of us who create and read this blog.

Ladies: Dress or suit + headdress or pamela

Gentlemen: Costume + hat

Simple, right? For those who do not want to complicate much with clothes, these looks can be created in a few minutes and you will be fabulous. 

But, we are also those who see this event as a wonderful opportunity to wear the best clothes and create some great looks. And is that sometimes clothing like this can be a great opportunity to give free rein to our imagination, creativity and elegance.

In a few days we will upload a new post with ideas (both for men and women) of looks to wear when you attend Hats & Horses or simply hire an image consultancy for events (one afternoon) with us and take care of creating the look perfect plus all the accessories to complete it. With the advantage that if you indicate that it is a look for Hats & Horses we will apply a significant discount (if you do not live in Madrid, contact us to take it out online).

The best looks, in addition to the souvenir photos that will be made, will have a prize!

Do not miss any news!

 Publish several more posts here in the blog talking about looks for the Hats & Horses Menorca event but if you want to be aware of all the news here we leave the official website of the event 


 and if you follow us on social networks

​ collaborators like​ @robertosanchez__ You will be able to participate in some very interesting draw that we are organizing.

If you were, what would you choose? Do you have any idea or suggestion? Tell us, because we know that this event will undoubtedly be the event of the season and we would like you to be part of it too.

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1 comment

  • Christiane edmondson: May 04, 2018

    Hello ,

    My name is Christiane Edmondson I am a milliner and have fabulous hats which I am the designer of and creator and was intrigued by you hats and horses event in Menorca on 12 th May could I make an exhibition there and what arrangement would you make for me – I have just come from Dubai where I had a hat exhibition and sale in the Grosvenor House Dubai – would you consider paying for a hotel close to the event and pay for my flight transport of hats from uk to Menorca and I would be there myself to show your guests how to wear my hats and give advice that should really give a kick to your event
    If this can’t be organised this year maybe next year 2019


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