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Hats & Horses is a cultural, sporting and social event that aims to PROMOTE LOCAL VALUES in an elegant and respectful way. Promote destinations and traditions in an organic way, harmonizing visitors and residents and grouping different sectors under the same lifestyle event:

  • Fashion
  • Sport
  • Gastronomy
  • Sustainability
  • Music and entertainment
  • Millinery


Hats&Horses we want to create a platform to publicize the importance of education and sports, giving an opportunity to young people who do not have access to these resources.
Contribute to the dissemination of activities in a constructive, supportive and sporting environment.
HATS&HORSES, which has clear premises of culture, fun, sports, gastronomy, relaxation,... our objective is to EXPAND THE HATS & HORSES CULTURE all year round by offering a complete project that links the EQUESTRIAN world with LOCAL DEVELOPMENT.

Use the facilities of Hats&Horses collaborators as a space for social insertion.
Offer children without resources a space for refuge and escape. A place where you can learn to love horses, a place where they feel comfortable, participating in activities and projects at the racecourse.
At the same time, our goal is to be a space where older people can also have their weekly appointment with the equestrian world.
One of the great scourges of today's society is LONELINESS and ANXIETY in groups like CHILDREN AND SENIORS to which we would like to be able to contribute our bit.

The objective is to offer a WEEKLY APPOINTMENT where children and grandparents share the illusion of a meeting place where they can be part of a project, an activity, a family.

Activities to be scheduled in the future:

  1. How to cure horses. Brush them, feed them...
  2. Collaborative action, cleaning stables, working as a team.
  3. Learn to ride ponies
  4. The older ones would take care of the little ones and the little ones would give joy and companionship to the older ones.
  5. BRUNCH before going home (a nice meal all together, with local products, that is a nice reward for a day outdoors, doing jobs and learning to care for and treat horses.



The economic resources planned for the development of the purposes and activities of the Association will be the following:

  1. Membership fees, periodic or extraordinary.
  2. Subsidies, legacies or inheritances that may be received legally from associates or third parties.
  3. Any other lawful resource.




With the name HATS AND HORSES CULTURAL ASSOCIATION, an association is established under the protection of Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, regulating the Right of Association, and complementary regulations, with legal personality and full capacity to act, lacking the spirit of profit.

In everything not provided for in these Statutes, the aforementioned Organic Law 1/2002, of March 22, and the complementary development provisions will apply.




Ultreia Noelia

Hats&Horses joins the work of the Ultreia Noelia Foundation.

The Ultreira Noelia Foundation gives continuity to Noelia's final purpose, which was to help people develop their potential, understood from the point of view that we all have a natural talent Related to something, and that if we manage to promote and develop it with passion, not only we will be able to be happy individually if not that we will help create a positive impact on society.

"A different education and training is possible, one that enhances creativity, that enhances people's values, their autonomy and the projection of all their personal abilities, because the human being has a lot of talent and potential inside, but unfortunately, the The vast majority of the current educational system, instead of promoting, ends up destroying the creative power of children and adolescents”


encourage development of people supporting their personal evolution to discover your talent, your passion and the purpose in your life, empowering everyone to give their best to be happy and also help others.


Leveraging entities that promote educational innovation in the main fields on which Noelia based her educational and professional activity, especially: · Talent and Passion · Autonomy and personal development · DISC Communication applied to children and adolescents · Empowering girls

Actions aimed at promoting access to programs in these areas of action for children and families in situations of social exclusion will be prioritized in all areas.

Ultreia It is the war cry of the Pilgrims to Santiago.

Etymologically it comes to mean "a little further«, that is, you can continue a little more, cheer up, that you can continue advancing. It was also the war cry of Noelia, a call to keep walking, to keep moving forward, to resist, not to give up, to fight a little more.

Her he ended his lectures talking about what he called Ultreia attitude, because life can present you with many obstacles

We don't choose what happens to us, we only choose how to spend it, ULTREIA! Forward always forward



Convinced of the importance that horse-assisted therapy can offer in different fields, we would like to join and continue the activity that CABALANDO LA VIDA carries out in Barcelona, but in Menorca / Mallorca.

Throughout the year, we would carry out support actions for this purpose (caring races, caring bets,...)



Stable partners who have the same concern as us, as well as the desire to organize actions and carry out projects.

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    May 31 and June 1 


    January 3, 2023 Ladies Day

    March 4, 2023 Super Saturday

    March 25, 2023 World Cup final


    October 2023







    Vanbrugh Park London SE3 7AL, UK