Gemma Alcaraz

Gemma Alcaraz

Son Bou routes a cavall

I am the founder and owner of the company Son Bou rutes a cavall since 2010.

  • I make equestrian routes through the ̈camí de cavalls ̈, especially in the Son Bou area.
  • Equine therapy and coaching with horses. (I have worked for 3 years with the foundation for people with disabilities in Menorca and I currently collaborate with social services to integrate young people with problems into the world of work).
  • Shows with horses for events, advertisements and photography sessions.

I started with 7 horses and currently have a stud farm of 62 horses, of different breeds (Menorcan, Akhal-Teke, Spanish, Arabian, Appaloosa, Paint Horse, Friesian).

From a very young age I really liked the world of horses. In 2009 they gave me a horseback riding excursion. From that day on, I left my profession as a graphic designer to set up my own horseback riding business to this day.

I consider myself an enterprising person with a great desire to innovate, create new products and services in the sector of the equestrian world on the Island of Menorca.

I would like the possibilities of the activities in the Camí de Cavalls to be expanded and for this reason I consider that the PTI or the general plan of the Camí de Cavalls should be more flexible, to promote and create new services, without a doubt respecting nature and the heritage of the island.


  • Teaching of special education (UIB)
  • Master in equine therapy and coaching with horses (UB)
  • Technician in physical activities in the natural environment - equestrian tourism guide specialty.
  • Equestrian sports technician: Specialty in routes, resistance, orienteering and equestrian tourism (RFHE).
  • Natural horsemanship courses; training of the horse in freedom, standing on the ground and ridden with:
    • Monty Roberts
    • boy ramirez
    • Juan Antonio Vendrell