¿Qué es?





Un regalo para tus sentidos. 
El viaje que nunca olvidarás. 
Descubrir un paraíso. 
Sentirte único, privilegiado, especial.

¿Para quien és?

Para todo aquell@s que sean amantes de

– los caballos. 
– producto de calidad. 
– de la autenticidad. 
Almas con un toque chic, elegante, distintivo. 
Almas aventureras, siempre deseando descubrir y aprender cosas nuevas. 

Amantes del aire libre. 
Amantes del buen comer, beber and bon vivre.


¿Por qué Menorca?

Menorca es una isla de caballos.
Su presencia está asociada a su paisaje, a su cultura y a sus tradiciones.

Muestra de ello, su CAMÍ DE CAVALLS que da la vuelta a toda la isla y puedes cabalgarlo disfrutando de unas vistas privilegiadas sobre el mar.

Además, Menorca ofrece su PROPIO CABALLO DE RAZA MENORQUINA que sin duda, te enamorará.


The UNIQUE Menorca heritage

Our Menorca trips are like no others: they will take you through all the aspects of the island of Menorca in Spain, including not only its deep cultural and historical connection to horses, but also its beautiful beaches and coves, archeological wonders, incredible food, and rich folklore .

And you have several trips to choose from!


BUY your Menorcan horse  


The spring Hats & Horses Experience trips include the unique Hats & Horses harness racing event, and the fall trips include authentic Menorcan horse festivities in small towns, led by local experts.

The Menorquín «Cavall Menorquí» is a breed of horse indigenous to the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands, from which it takes its name. It is closely associated with the doma menorquina style of riding.

The Menorquín may only be black, in all its variations; horses of any other colour cannot be registered. Limited white markings are permitted.

It is harmoniously made, quiet and obedient, noble and elegant.

The average height is 1.60 metres and the minimum permissible height 1.54 m (15.1 h) for males and 1.51 m (14.3 h) for mares.  The profile is slightly convex, the body and limbs long, the eye round and lively.

It is strong and energetic, slender, powerful, and muscular and suited to any type of saddle

or driving use.

Its most valued quality is its suitability for the traditional festivals of Menorca, where it is irreplaceable, and for the elevade and bot movements of the doma menorquina.



Menorca SPRING trip  


The spring Hats & Horses Experience trips include the unique Hats & Horses harness racing event, and the fall trips include authentic Menorcan horse festivities in small towns, led by local experts.




On all the trips you will be able to ride horses through the island and experience the Purebred Menorca Horse, and both classical and Menorcan dressage at one of the island’s premier equestrian centers.

You will stay at five-star hotel Meliá Cala Galdana, with the beach and several boating options out the back door, and a quaint little town within walking distance.

These trips allow for all levels of riders and/or non-riders to enjoy every experience, as the level of horses and rides will be tailored to your needs and there are many entertainment, cultural and gastronomic options for non-riders. Whatever your level, you will leave this experience feeling refreshed, surprised, and excited at what you have learned and experienced with horses and their historical connection to this magical island. 


Join us and Benvinguts a Menorca!


Our trip

Dates, Itinerary, Rates and Options

The different trips are priced starting at €1,970 for 7 days (not including the departure date) and 7 nights.

Please note that the exact rates are quoted in Euros, as that is the currency of European Union countries like Spain.

The dollar rates can/will vary with currency exchange rates fluctuations.

To see the latest exchange rate at any given time, please visit https://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h10/current/

or use any currency converter available online.


We offer several trips to choose from


The fall trips include authentic Menorcan horse festivities in small towns, led by local experts.

Quite a secret that not everybody knows about…


The spring Hats & Horses Experience trips include the unique Hats & Horses harness racing event.

On all the trips you will be able to ride horses through the island and experience the Purebred Menorca Horse and Menorcan dressage at one of the island’s premier equestrian centers.

Please note that the itineraries below are subject to change due to possible vendor or other restrictions like weather, etc.

In the event an itinerary change is needed, we will make every effort to provide a similar and suitable alternative.




What is the price of this trip, what is included and what isn’t?

The trips are priced starting at €1,970 for 7 days (not including the departure date) and 7 nights for riding participants.

Companions that prefer not to ride, can enjoy the trip for a lower cost as the trips offer several equestrian and nonequestrian experiences to give riders and non-riders, from beginner level and above, a comprehensive and culturally rich adventure.

The price for riding participants includes your lodging and breakfasts each day in the five-star Meliá Cala Galdana, plus all the activities detailed in the schedule and one meal a day for scheduled days, typically before or after a scheduled activity.

Transportation to/from the airport and to/from included activities, plus a translator during all included activities, are also already included in the price of the trip.

Please see the itinerary and a-la-carte/add-on options available.

Please inform us if you will be accompanied by a non-riding participant to receive a quote.

Not included are the international, national and/or regional flights and travel insurance to arrive in Menorca, but we do have a travel agency to assist you with those arrangements.

Also not included but available, are several a-la-carte/addon activities and services at your disposal such as private rental cars, extra site visits, etc.

Please see the detailed schedule and offerings to make your selections.



What breed/type/level of horses will I be riding and meeting?

On all trips you will be riding and experiencing the rare Purebred Menorca Horse (PRMe), and a variety of trail horses including P.R.E.s (Pura Raza Espanola) and their crosses in a variety of tack.

The PRMe horses are so well trained that even advanced beginner riders will be able to not only learn, but also perfectly perform classical and Menorcan dressage high school movements such as piaffe, flying changes, the Spanish step, and the Menorcan “bot,” (airs above the ground) among others.

On the spring trips you will also get to see and meet harness racing Spanish and Iberian Trotter horses.

Riding guests only must weigh under 215 lbs. and the riding experiences will be tailored to match the level of each rider, so beginner through advanced riders are welcome.

Each included riding session will last approximately one hour plus one hour of on-site/handling, with up to 2 hours of riding per day depending on the schedule/rider choices.

More riding/intensive training can be created and customized upon request.


Where will I be staying and is transportation provided?

You will be staying at the exceptional, five-star hotel Meliá Cala Galdana, with the beach, boating options, restaurants and shops all right out the back door.

Transportation from/to the airport and to each included activity is provided, and a specialized travel agency is available to help you book rental cars if you prefer.

Taxis are also available on call throughout the island, and ride-sharing services are available in the southeast side of the island.



What will the weather be and what should I pack?

This trip will take place during the Menorca off-season but the weather is still quite nice, with lows in the high 50s to mid 60s Fahrenheit at night.

As there are Mediterranean island breezes, do pack a sweater, cardigan, or light jacket for the evenings. During the day, the temperatures typically rise into the 70s Fahrenheit and the water will be warm enough for swimming, so do bring a swimsuit.

If you are going to be riding, PLEASE DO PACK YOUR RIDING HELMET AND ATTIRE, including breeches/jodhpurs or comfortable pants and boots with a heel.

Do also remember to bring sunglasses, a sun hat and sunscreen, or you can buy all that and riding attire on the island if you prefer.


Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months past the date you are expected to return home, and pack masks, in case they are still required in-transit.


Is there interesting shopping to be done?

Do save room in your suitcase for your Menorcan purchases because there is a lot of fun shopping to be done!

Menorca is known for its leather goods, and its famous “avarcas,” an incredibly comfortable, versatile and elegant leather sandal unique to the island.

There are also lots of other shoe and accessory shopping options like espadrilles, ballerinas, and jute bags, and delicious cheeses and other food products.

You will receive a shopping guide upon arrival to your hotel, but we are happy to provide it prior to your travel if needed.



What type of food should I expect?

Menorca is one of the smallest Mediterranean Islands, which only ads to its mystique and charm, but it is also very international so almost every type of cuisine is available.

There are many restaurants all over the island and the typical Mediterranean fare is fantastic, with lots of healthy fish, meat and rice options, and you won’t want to miss the famous “ensaimada,” a flaky pastry that can be found widely and consumed at any time of day!


What are the current Covid and other health regulations?

As we have all learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, things can change rapidly, and we will inform you immediately if any health issues arise that might affect your trip.

Currently Spain is requiring full vaccinations against Covid-19 or a negative Covid test within 24 hours of arrival for all travelers, in addition to masking in some enclosed settings and in all medical facilities.

To see updated information on requirements, please visit

https://es.usembassy.gov/covid-19- information/


What are the best flight and/or travel options?


Menorca is one of the smallest and most unique islands in the Mediterranean but there are direct flights from several European airports.

If you are coming from the U.S. and a seasoned traveler, you may want to fly into the Madrid or Barcelona airports in Spain, and take a flight to Menorca from there.

Please note that with international flights, however, you will want to have plenty of time between connections and that might mean a late arrival into Menorca, making for a long travel day.

For more leisurely travel, we recommend that U.S. travelers elect to spend a night in their entry city and fly to Menorca from there the next day.

London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona…these are all fascinating cities that are well worth visiting for a night or more and you will arrive in Menorca feeling more refreshed!

If you choose to enter Spain through Barcelona, there is also a Fast Ferry to Menorca, if you prefer to arrive by boat, but please note that it does take 4 hours.

Remember to check in for all your flights at least 24 hours prior to travel, and to select special meals if required at the time of check-in.

Most international flight prices do not include your preferred seat selection, so you may also want to pay for advanced seat selection or select your seat at check-in.

What is the electric current and plug type?

For international travelers, please note that Spain operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.

Electric outlets take a plug with cylindrical metal bars, not flat like in the U.S.

You might want to pack a travel adaptor for your electronic goods.


About the Purebred Menorca Horse


The Menorcan Horse breed as it is today, is thought to be 200 years old, as it has been at the center of the island’s holidays and festivities for that long at least.

The Feast of St. John, held in the castle-topped city of Ciutadella in June, is the best known, but the breed is a staple of Menorcan life year-round.

The Menorcan Horse even has its own discipline: Menorcan dressage, with its traditional and spectacular ¨bots¨, in which the horses rear and walk or jump several feet on their hind legs while people reach out to touch them for good luck.

The island’s passion for its heritage has driven the evolution of this rare horse, bred throughout the centuries for battle, for farming, for carriage driving, for festivities and for any task required, with colts kept as studs whenever possible to ensure its future.

A breed association was formed in 1988 and a stud book in 2008, and the breed standard today is for an elegant and agile black horse that starts at about 15.1 and can go up to 17-hands. Incredibly sure-footed, they move like agile goats through the frequently rocky Menorcan landscape.

Most of the stallions and geldings are worked in Menorcan dressage in traditional Menorcan tack – including a slightly high-cantle saddle to hold you in while you do the ¨bot¨ – and all are extensively trail ridden.

The breed is also starting to enter classical dressage in Spain and throughout Europe, with their incredibly docile and cooperative temperament being one of their most beloved traits.

Today, several of the island´s breeders are working to grow beyond the estimated 3,000 registered horses and there are several trail-riding outfits on the island to familiarize tourists with the breed and the island´s history.

Horse Lovers, welcome to Paradise

Imagine an island filled with all-black stallions and mares, dotted with quaint white villages, surrounded by turquoise waters and soft Mediterranean breezes.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with rich archaeological treasures and delectable food, all dotted with a rare breed of horse…

Such is the island of Menorca, with its Purebred Menorca Horse threading through its centuries of history and its dream vacation locations.

Dark, handsome, brave and kind, the Menorca Horse is said to be descended from various Spanish island and mainland breeds, as well as from the breeds of the many invaders the centuries brought to this land.

To ride through his magical island is to live history, from the crystalline beaches that beckoned Phoenicians, Greeks and Carthaginians, through the still existing cobblestone routes of the Romans, past the influences of Moorish invasions, the kingdoms of Mallorca and Aragon, and beyond the French and English occupations.

An island where classical dressage, Menorcan dressage, harness racing, trail riding and even jumping are widely available.

An island where the horse reigns supreme.



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