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Comparte tu recuerdo favorito de Hats & Horses con el resto
de la comunidad en las redes sociales para tener la  oportunidad de ganar dos pases para los Eventos 2020.

¿Cómo participar?
Para tener la oportunidad de ganar dos pases para los eventos 2020 Hats & Horses:

  • Publica tu recuerdo favorito de HATS&HORSES
  • Utiliza el hashtag #MyHatsandHorses
  • Etiqueta a un amigo o familiar para que también comparta su momento favorito


Get involved with the Hats and Horses events to win prizes - best dressed gentleman and lady, best dressed couple, social media contests etc.

Share your favourite Hats&Horses memory with the rest of the community on social media for a chance to win two hospitality passes for the 2020 Events. 

How to enter?  For a chance to win two passes for the 2020 Hats&Horses Events:

  • Post your favourite Hats & horses memory
  • Use hashtag #MyHatsandHorses
  • Tag a friend or family member for them to also share their favourite moment