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Why Minorca?

The CAMÍ DE CAVALLS is a 185-kilometre route that goes around the island, which originally had a military use and through which the knights traveled on the backs of Menorcan horses. Today, the Camí de Cavalls It has been recovered and practically maintains its original layout. constitutes the GR 233, a Long Distance trail that can be enjoyed in stages, not only on horseback but also trekking, mountain biking or hiking. A unique opportunity to get to know the Menorcan coast in depth and some of its most attractive environmental and cultural corners, through a route with great historical weight for Menorca.

Minorcan race

But not only that, Menorca also has its MENORCAN BREED of horses that finds its origin in the times of Arab domination of the island. Menorca was under Arab domination from 903 to 1287.
According to some sources, research has shown links between the Menorcan and Arab races, while others have shown that it is of Berber origin, and still others believe that it was brought to Menorca from central Europe by King James I of Aragon.

According to the Government of the Balearic Islands, it belongs to the eastern group of native Iberian horses that also included the extinct Catalan horse.
The Menorcan horse was officially recognized as a native breed in 1989, and appears in the Official Catalog of Cattle Breeds of Spain in the group of native breeds in danger of extinction.
In April 2011 the total population was reported to be 2,995, of which less than 200 were outside the Balearic Islands. In August 1988, an association of breeders was created, the Associació de Criadors i Propietaris de Cavalls de Raça Menorquina.
The breed has remained agile and slender as it is not used for agricultural work, for which the Balearic donkey was traditionally used.

The Menorcan horse can only be black, in all its variants; Horses of any other color cannot be registered. Limited white markings are allowed.
It is drawn up harmoniously, calm and obedient, noble and elegant.
The average height is 1.60 meters and the minimum height allowed is 1.54 m for males and 1.51 m for mares. The profile is slightly convex, the body and extremities elongated, the eye round and alive. It is strong and energetic, lean, powerful and muscular and is suitable for any type of saddle or riding use.
Its most valued quality is its suitability for the traditional festivals of Menorca, where it is irreplaceable, and for the lifting and bot movements of Menorcan dressage.

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